A Few Helpful Tips Can Help Anyone Improve Their Lawn Care

If your home is starting to look like every house in the neighborhood, you are most likely thinking about making some exterior home improvements. Though there are a variety of exterior home improvement projects that you can take on, you may save lots of time and money by focusing on improving your lawn care.

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With the right types of changes, you can design a beautiful lawn scene that comes right out of the magazines like, Better Homes and Garden. Actually, the Better Homes and Garden Magazine is an excellent resource for those of you who need useful beautification tips to transform the aesthetic decor of your property. For instance, if you want your lawn to be beautiful, you need a specifically designed and crafted plan. From cutting your grass to a certain recommended level to grooming the lawn with the best tools and equipment in the industry, you can follow the lawn care improvement tips listed below.

1 - Cut Your Grass Based On Geographic Location and Grass Type

One of the first steps in changing your home’s curb appeal is paying special attention to your lawn’s care and its overall health. For instance, if the property surrounding your home is filled with healthy lush green grass, it will dramatically improve your home's curb appeal. If not, your home may look like a scene from inside the Sahara Desert.

Having said this, to grow this type of lush green grass, you need to know the tricks and the trades of professional lawn care experts. Also, based on the geographical areas that you reside in, grass types will vary from cool-season grass types in the northern states to warm-season grasses in the southern states. Whatever the actual location, you need to know each associated grass type and the inches in length that they must grow for maximum health and beauty. In short, cutting the grass properly may not be as simple as you may think. Because experts in this industry are experienced in this field, they are good consultants to use to apply the best lawn care guidelines for that specific grass type in your yard.

2 - Sticking to a Fertilizer Schedule Produces Results

Another key to improving your home’s lawn care is setting a specific schedule for fertilizing your lawn. Though you may be tempted to fertilize your property when you can allot the time, you need to know why lawn experts avoid this kind of unplanned scheduling. Instead, experts recommend fertilizing your lawn on these 3 dates, memorial day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day. By sticking to each of these dates, on an annual basis, your soil will get the healthy nutrients that are needed for lush green grass growth.

Additionally, you need to know exactly how much fertilizer is enough. If this is not done properly, you may begin to see brown spots on the inside of your green lush grass. Since brown spots are not attractive, you need to keep these problems from surfacing as the grass grows. For more information about how to fertilize your lawn with the proper procedures in proper amounts, you can find many websites online that are dedicated to lawn care growth.

3 - Properly Seeding Areas Removes Bare Spots

If you run into annoying and pesky problems like bare spots inside of your professionally groomed lawn, there are some things that you can do. One of the most effective solutions involves seeding these bare spots. Simply put, one the best courses of action is to plant grass seed. For instance, after you cut your lawn, rake up the leftover grass clippings and spread fertilizer while following the appropriate aerated processes, the next step is to plant grass seed.

The primary goal of seeding these bare spots is to promote germination. Hence, promoting germination is one of the best ways to get rid of these unsightly bare spots.on your lawn. Though this process can be quite time consuming and labor intensive, it is a very effective corrective measure, and it allows you to maintain a beautifully fully groomed green and healthy lawn all over your property.