A Good Handbag Helps Complete Any Outfit

A handbag is one of the essential items in a woman's closet. It completes any outfit, and it can be used to create an elegant or casual look. A good handbag will never go out of style, and there are many ways you can personalize them to make your statement. Whether you are going to the office or attending a formal affair, a stylish bag can make all the difference in your look. But choosing one isn't as easy as it seems. With so many options available, how do you know which one will be perfect for your needs? This article will walk you through the basics of finding a perfect handbag for your needs and hopefully have you accessorizing yourself perfectly in no time. 

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Handbag Styles

There’s many different styles that can be chosen from. Some of the most popular handbag styles include: 

  1. Clutches - Clutches are small, fashionable handbags that can be carried during the day or at night. They often have a thin strap that fits over the shoulder and a handle for carrying. Although these bags seem too small to take anything of importance, they have been known to fit cell phones, makeup kits, wallets, and other items perfectly.
  2. Shoulder Bags - Shoulder bags are often carried by hand, but some come with shoulder straps. They are always elegant and chic-looking. Many women love these bags because they can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit. As long as you have a beautiful outfit to go along with it, this type of bag will look amazing no matter where you are.
  3. Travel Bags - Travel bags are used to carry items that you need for your home or office. They come with many pockets and dividers, making them easy to organize belongings. Although these bags can be found in many stores, they are most popular among women who love to travel. If you are someone who travels often, this type of bag might be perfect for your lifestyle.
  4. Fashion Backpacks - This type of handbag is very trendy and can be worn by both teens and adults. They are often made of leather or canvas, but not all fashion backpacks are appropriate for formal events. They can range from small to large, depending on how much you want to carry with you throughout the day. Unlike other bags that come with straps or handles for carrying, these types of backpacks hang down at your side. The backpack trend has been around since the 80s, and it doesn't seem like it will go away anytime soon! 

Popular Handbag Brands

Many of the best brands out there are very well known and household names. Some of the best makers of handbags include: 

  1. The Louis Vuitton - Every woman who has ever shopped for handbags knows the name, Louis Vuitton. This French company makes some of the most luxurious and high-end handbags that exist on this planet! The LV monogram is often seen on every type of accessory that they offer, including wallets, shoes or watches. If you are someone who needs an expensive luxury item in your closet, this could be the perfect bag for you.
  2. Gucci - Many people consider Gucci to be the number one brand when it comes to handbags. They come with unique designs and materials that make them perfect for formal occasions or everyday use. This Italian fashion house has been around since 1921 but didn't become popular until the 60s when Audrey Hepburn was seen carrying a Gucci bag in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's." This company has experienced many highs and lows throughout its long history, but today they are back on top with even more success than before.
  3. Coach - If you want a luxury handbag without paying Louis Vuitton prices, then this American brand could be perfect for you. Their bags are stylish and timeless, meaning they will always look good regardless of what year it is. Since the brand started in 1941, they have become one of America's most popular fashion companies. You can find them online or at any department store where expensive items are sold.
  4. Michael Kors - Michael Kors is often seen as the more affordable version of Coach. This company is also very popular in America, especially among women who want to have a lot of designer handbags without spending too much money. Although these bags are usually not made with leather, they are still high-quality items that will last for many years to come.