Coloring Your Hair Means Using Special Hair Products

main of Coloring Your Hair Means Using Special Hair Products

Taking on new hair colors can be fun and refreshing. The change in appearance stands out and lets one express their own personality.

It also means a variety of options. One can choose natural colors like brunette, black, or blonde. Alternatively, they can go for more vivid hues like red, pink, or blue. Ideally, this new look would last several weeks and upgrade any selfies being taken. Best of all, it's easy to achieve at home or on a trip to the salon.

What people don't realize is that a quick shower can distort the shade and ruin a hard day's work. It can be tough to keep the new look or to keep it shiny and vibrant. To stop the hassle and give the dye its due treatment, here's how to maintain the colored hair properly.

The Needs of Colored Hair

Colored hair needs to be treated properly. It has special needs that change how the hair appears. Aside from the color itself, the hair needs to be strong and healthy. Consider these when taking care of it.

  • Reduce Washing - The properties of the dye are sensitive to water and chemicals in everyday shampoo. That's why salons advise washing the hair less frequently. It's a small sacrifice to make to maintain the hue.
  • Preserve Natural Oils - Another component is natural oils. These come from the body and help preserve the color of the dye. A shower would easily rinse these off and leave the new shade vulnerable. These oils keep them safe, which is why people wait at least 48 hours before washing their hair.
  • Avoid Heat Styling - One should also be careful when using curling irons or blow dryers. The heat causes damage and can ruin both the color and the hair underneath. The result of such is a ruined dye, brittle hair, and damaged roots. This means avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Eating Right - Eating can also radically alter how the hair is. Go for foods that are high on omega-3 fatty acids. They nourish the roots and keep the coat shiny. It even gives extra benefits to the body. Here are some options for foods with omega-3: Mackerel, sardines, herring, walnuts, canola oil. 

Best Products That Protect Hair Color

Aside from the tips above, there are certain products available to stop any fading. Use these to keep the hair fresh and the color vivid.

  • Sulfate-Free Shampoos - When shopping for shampoo, pick sulfate-free options to protect the color. You can find them at L'oreal , with options for those with different hair types like curly or straight.
  • Conditioner - Sometimes the best method is to skip shampoo altogether. Instead, consider using conditioners to keep the hair smooth and shiny. It will avoid any fade while still providing a nourished, soft feel. Again, focus on sulfate-free options to give the colored hair the best possible protection.
  • Dry Shampoo - Sounds odd? Don't worry; these are real shampoos and work for those in a rush. Dry shampoos are sprays that preserve the color. Best of all, it doesn't need water to work. For added strength to the dye, consider color-tinted variants.
  • Dye - Speaking of the color, adding a bit of dye to the shampoo or conditioner can help it last longer. Think of it as a bonus treat for the salon work. Consider buying the ones matching what initially colored the hair.
  • Leave-In Conditioners - For those who still want to heat style or will be exposed to the sun, leave-in conditioners are the way to go. They hydrate the hair and keep the sunlight from breaking the color. Make sure to buy color-safe options or those with UV protection.