Ditch the Man Cave and Build A Great She Shed With These Tips

Men have always had their own spaces. From sports bars where they watch games to garages where they work on cars, there are plenty of areas that are considered "manly." Man caves might be cool, but what about a She Shed? A she shed doesn’t actually need to be a  shed. It’s quite possible to have it in any form around the home. What it is, is a place where you can enjoy your own style outside of the shared look in a home. She Sheds aren't as common and that means their value is underestimated. A She Shed can do wonders for your home's value as well as your life. Use these tips to ditch the Man Cave and build a great She Shed.

main of Ditch the Man Cave and Build A Great She Shed With These Tips

1 - Be creative in the structure

It might be called a She Shed, but it doesn't have to be an actual storage shed. If you have a detached garage or your kids have outgrown an old playhouse, these could be transformed into a She Shed as well. In fact, it doesn't have to be an existing structure on your property at all. You can purchase a prefabricated shed kit or even a She Shed kit just for this purpose. Or you might find a structure that someone else is selling that would be perfect. Be open and creative in your interpretation of what to use as your She Shed.

2 - Create a space you'll really use

You might have talked for years about what you'd do if you had a space that was all your own. An office, a yoga studio, a reading nook, etc., are all great ideas - but the real question is, will you actually use them? When you're creating your She Shed, give careful consideration to the actual use you'll make of it. Make it an office or a yoga studio if you truly will use it for those purposes. But if you know that what you really want to use it for is reading or gardening or an art studio, then make it that instead.

3 - Treat she shed decor like your actual home's decor

You spent a lot of time making your home your home. You carefully chose each piece of furniture, each knick knack, and the patterns of each throw rug. Give your She Shed the same careful treatment. Your She Shed is an extension of your home, an extension of you. Take the time to carefully choose what you use to decorate it so it feels like you. The more care you put into this, the more relaxing and soothing your She Shed will be.

4 - Extend she shed to the outdoor space too

Your She Shed is your sanctuary away from the house and the world. But it doesn't have to mean that you close yourself away inside. Extend the She Shed energy into the outdoor space surrounding it. Add a cute little porch with some chairs. Create a dainty little path that leads to its door. Flower boxes under the windows or a funny little garden gnome greeting you with a crooked smile all can add a little hominess to the exterior of your She Shed.

5 - Make it uniquely you

Your She Shed is your space. Unlike the home, which you might share with a partner, children, or roommates, your She Shed is just for you. So make it uniquely you. Add the little touches that would allow anyone who walked in to immediately know this is your space. Use that funky paint color that your partner vetoed in the living room. Shop for vintage pieces that create that Victorian vibe you love so much or the futuristic ones that give it a more modern flair.

6 - Use natural light when you can

The smaller dimensions of a She Shed make it ideal for using lots of natural light instead of relying on electrical lighting. Natural light has a ton of benefits, from helping you sleep better, increasing your Vitamin D intake, and even keeping your energy bills low. Of course, you will need some lighting for when you use your She Shed at night or when the weather doesn't offer enough natural light. But if you add plenty of windows and other ways for natural light to come in, you can create a welcoming, fun space that doesn't increase your electric bill much at all.