Enhance Your Hobbies By Picking Up a Go Kart

main of Enhance Your Hobbies By Picking Up a Go Kart

Why is fun seemingly so hard to come by these days? Amidst all the bad news that always seems around every corner, more people are looking to get back to enjoying aspects of their life.

If you want pure fun, a go kart has to be near the top of your list! Go karts aren’t made for any other reason. They are for zipping around roads or an off road course and providing the driver with a simple elemental thrill deep inside their body. 

There are several different kinds of go karts, which can even extend up to racing karts. If you’re interested in potentially exploring this great hobby, then you will need to know more about it. Buying the wrong type of go kart for your plans could really set back your interest. This article will look at the type of karts on the market, some of the commonly purchased options and whether you might want to consider building your own go kart. From there, hopefully you’ll be ready to start in on a life of karting around! 

Types of Go Karts

For most people, the only Go Karts they think about are commercial versions which are used at tracks. People show up, rent a kart for some laps and have fun racing their friends. There’s nothing wrong with these. Commercial karts are built for durability amidst novice drivers who are sure to bump more than their fair share of other racers or corners. 

Race karts are the private and more impressive version of these commercial karts. They are designed to provide maximum power and handling to the driver of the kart. In many cases, these karts are an introduction to racing for children and teens. They can hone their skills on these relatively safe and slower racing vehicles. This gives them the skills needed for future racing. 

The other main kart that people forget about is the off road go kart. These have thicker wheels designed to chew through the dirt and mud that they might face. They can be just as powerful as a race kart, but that power doesn’t quite equate to similar speeds. This is because they tend to be much heavier. Offroad karts also contain roll bar kits to ensure that no passengers spill out of the vehicle if it flips and is an important safety precaution. 

Popular Go Kart Models

There’s more makers of go karts out there than you might realize. Some interesting options for a go kart purchase include: 

  • Kandi B-Widow Buggy Go Kart - This go kart comes with a windshield, alloy wheels and a great design for any use. 
  • Sport Kart Power Kart 49cc - This is a very simple and inexpensive racing kart. It’s little more than an engine, wheels and seat, but it’s a great starter option. 
  • Challenger 150X - This is a kart that actually features comfortable side by side seating. It has excellent ride height, making it an excellent off road option. 
  • TrailMaster Blazer4 150 - How about an offroad go kart that actually seats 4! This is a kart for the whole family that will let you get out and have fun together on the trails. 

Building Your Own Go Kart 

There’s actually quite a few great reasons to go and build your own kart. To start, this is a great way to get some quality time in with one of your children who has interest in karting. Building the go kart together can be a learning experience for them as they learn the basics of how a vehicle works. There’s an added sense of accomplishment when the kart is working because you made it yourself. 

There are a wide variety of go kart kits available to help. If you buy a kit, then you’ll get all the parts needed to put it together without having to worry about overlooking something. The one thing you may not have is every tool, but kits usually try to minimize the amount of tools required and will list what’s needed before a purchase. 

The final main reason is that you can customize your own kart however you want to. You can add some power with a different engine, or change the tires to change purpose. Many people like to customize the look with different exterior panels and custom logos and designs. Basically, your only limitation is your karting imagination.