It Might Be Time For Mortgage Refinancing

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One of the many responsibilities of a homeowner is to ensure that their mortgage is being paid in full each month and that they maintain or improve on their home.

These are just two of the many reasons why a homeowner might be looking to refinance their mortgage. However, refinancing your mortgage is understandably a very complex and daunting task to take on, especially for younger homeowners. That is why there are so many proponents and opponents to this type of financial move. The risk and financial footwork needed to capture a good deal is absolutely a real thing. In addition, because most homeowners are not too familiar with mortgage financing, it is important to thoroughly research the topic before jumping in headfirst. Unfortunately, there are many people out there ready to take advantage of homeowners who may not know what they're getting themselves into. Thus the following includes further information about mortgage refinancing as well as a series of Q&As regarding the process.

What Exactly is Mortgage Refinancing?

The very first thing you need to understand is the basic definition of a refinanced mortgage. The simplest answer to that is that it involves the process of obtaining a new mortgage loan. As stated above, there are many reasons why a homeowner would want to refinance their current mortgage loan. One of those includes decreasing their monthly payments. This is often done by homeowners who may anticipate future financial difficulties and want to ensure that they do not lose their home in the process. So, how does it work? The process is very simple as it simply repeats the process you took when you first signed up for your original mortgage. The only difference here is that instead of buying a home with your loan, you are simply paying off the original loan instead. Another reason may be to take advantage of drastic changes in interest rates before they could otherwise rise. Saving money in the long run is important as well. 

Questions and Answers

Although the process is very straightforward, it is understandable to still have questions regarding refinancing your mortgage. The following include some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding this topic.

Q: How much can I save if I refinance?

A: This really depends on your interests, but if your goal is to reduce your interest rate in exchange for a lower one, then you can expect to save a significant amount each month.

Q: What if I have a second mortgage on my home? Can I still refinance?

A: In many cases, your lender will simply combine both of your mortgages into one. After you have successfully refinanced, you can then use that loan to pay off your two older loans.

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Refinance?

A: When attempting to refinance your mortgage, you're likely going to come across a few common fees such as a credit report, title, escrow, notary, and recording fees. You may also end up accruing other types of expenses, such as having to pay an appraisal.

Q: Will Bad Credit Hold me Back?

A: Yes, having bad credit can make refinancing your mortgage that much more difficult. However, there are other options you can take if you want to continue. Depending on the reason you have bad credit, there are various government programs that you can take advantage of to achieve your goal of refinancing your mortgage.