Mug Warmers Let You Keep Your Drinks At Perfect Temperatures

If you don't already know and appreciate the values of a mug warmer, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. It is a wonderful and functional appliance whether for your own use or as a gift for any special occasion or holiday for a loved family member or friend. While the original purpose of a mug warmer was to keep beverages such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate piping hot for hours so that they could continue to be enjoyed without having to get up and go to warm up the beverages, additional uses have come to light (to be discussed) to make the warmer even more versatile.

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There are quite a few options to choose from size with many just slightly larger than an average coaster, style, features, and cost, so take your time to check out your choices and zero in on one that will fulfill your particular needs and desires.

Mug Warmer Uses

 If you work from home, a mug warmer is handy as an accessory on your desk. Imagine being able to sip on your hot beverage whenever you want to without having to stop what you're doing to re-warm it. That will not only make you happy but will also save time as you add up those minutes and realize that your train of thought doesn't have to be interrupted.

You can put the warmer on your nightstand so you can look forward to your coffee or perhaps a cappuccino as soon as you awaken and while you are getting ready for the day. You can also use the warmer for soup so you can have a nourishing meal when you are facing a work deadline and cannot leave your desk. You can also use it to heat massage oils, craft supplies, and other functions.

Types of Mug Warmers

The warmers can be square, circular, or rectangular and have an area of about five to eight inches in length. Compact models have a small surface area, which is ideal for tables or desks with limited space. Plug in the warmer, turn it on when you put your mug, cup, or bowl down, and turn it off when you pick up the holder. Warmers are usually constructed from durable stainless steel or lightweight and inexpensive plastic. Some have a decorative look with perhaps a wood grain finish or faux marble.

Basic models have one temperature setting, but more high-end ones offer a range of different temperature levels from a moderate room temperature ranging up to between 120 and 140 degrees. The warmer is meant to get the beverage hot enough for enjoyable consumption but not hot enough to possibly boil over. It is thought that a warmer with an AC power cord that plugs into the wall outlet is more powerful and works more effectively. However, if you prefer, you can find a cordless one with a USB charger that is convenient because it plugs into a desktop computer or laptop or runs on replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

Popular Mug Warmer Models

  • EMBER Smart Mug 2 - This new 10-ounce Temperature Control model has a coaster that charges the mug to keep the beverage hot for as much as 1 ½ hours off the coaster; or, if kept on the coaster, the drink will be kept at the desired temperature all day long between 120 and 145 degrees that is controlled through an app on a smartphone. There is an LED light for when the drink is ready and a sensor that automatically powers down when the scratch-resistant ceramic mug is empty.
  • MR. COFFEE Mug Warmer - This 17-watt power capacity model is a no-frills user-friendly and affordable model with a surface that is easy to clean. It has a simple switch for on and off and a light that indicates when the contents are hot. It heats up in just two minutes.
  • COSORI Mug Warmer and Mug Set - This set has both the warming pad and a 17-ounce stainless steel mug with a handle that is cool to the touch and a silicone sleeve that is slip-resistant. The plate heats up between 77 and 158 degrees, which shows on an LED display.
  • Norpro 5569 Decorative Cup Warmer - This has a finish of faux marble to give an elegant look. It has 24-watt power, minimal controls, a light to show when it has heated up, and an extra-long 60-inch cord.