Some Brands of Underwear Just Offer Superior Items

What is a vital part of an outfit that plays a significant role in how comfortable you feel? A fantastic set of underwear. When it comes to picking the perfect pair of underpants for everyday wear, comfort, support, and style are important factors to consider. Nobody wants to walk around adjusting their undies now and then because they're too big or too tight. It might seem like a minor decision, but selecting a good underwear brand can be a significant determinant of how your days feel. While comfort is a major factor in selecting underwear, walking around knowing you're wearing stylish underpants can also be a mood booster. If you're looking for tried and tested brands of underwear that will have you smiling as you go about your day, you've come to the right place. 

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1 - Calvin Klein

Topping our list is one of the most popular underwear brands, Calvin Klein, which is known for its comfortable boxer briefs. Calvin Klein uses microfiber fabric, one of the most comfortable materials, to make their popular low-rise trunks. The low-rise cut is ideal for everyday wear, and the contoured pouch provides excellent support. The Calvin Klein trunks maintain their color and shape over a long period, even after several washes.

2 - Levis

Levis makes some fantastic boxer shorts that fit perfectly for men. Aside from their popular jeans and denim clothing, Levi's also produces classy and soft underwear made from soft cotton that is breathable and comfortable, even during humid summers. Their classy boxer briefs make for extraordinary everyday innerwear, providing comfort during activities such as yoga or even working out. Levi's also produces stretchy boxer briefs, so if you prefer tight-fitting ones, they're perfect for you.

3 - Hanes

If you're out for stylish modern boxer briefs, then Hanes is your go-to brand. The new Hanes release features the comfort flex boxer shorts that are seamless and have a pouch suited for your man junk. Hanes also produces luxury boxer briefs in collaboration with Supreme, if you prefer more stylish-looking innerwear. Aside from men's underwear, Hanes also produces women's innerwear. Their standard cotton feminine panties handle moisture significantly better than some other brands and provide comfort and breathability.

4 - Parade

Parade is known for using eco-friendly textiles in its super-stretchy bras and underwear. Their briefs are primarily known to last a while. If you're unsure about your bosom size, then their stretchy undies are perfect for you as they will adjust to your size.

5 - Tommy John

Tommy John is primarily known for designing male innerwear. Still, its recent Second skin and Air underwear collections for ladies show that they understand what women want in a fantastic pair of underwear. Their innerwear options are void of riding up, bunching, scrunching, and chafing. Because it's constructed with increased breathability, moisture-wicking, and odor resistant fabric, the Air collection is ideal for hotter weather or workout sessions. The material used for the Air collection innerwear is Nylon and spandex that also allow for flexibility and movement.

6 - Everlane

Everlane focuses on hipster-style high-rise underwear designs crafted from Supima cotton, grown in the United States. Their underwear collection includes thongs, bikinis, and hipsters. Supima cotton contains long fibers used to create underwear that is both breathable and soft on the skin. Everlane also designs and makes innerwear using recycled nylon material.

7 - Aerie

Aerie is one of the most affordable underwear brands for ladies, providing sizes from XXS to XXL. From as low as $25 for six pairs of underwear, the brand provides quality innerwear at an unbeatable price point. Despite providing innerwear at low prices, aeries do not compromise on quality. Their underwear options are comfortable as well as durable, with cotton as their main material.

8 - TomboyX

TomboyX offers gender-neutral underwear. Their undies come in various sizes, from XS to 4X, with styles ranging from 9-inch boxer briefs to thongs. TomboyX designs underwear for ladies who prefer masculine-style undies such as shorts and boxer briefs customized for the feminine body.