Sustainable Clothing Brands Are an Appealing Choice for Many People

Trends come and go in the fashion world all the time, but there's one trend that is actually transcending physical fashions as a growing number of consumers are choosing sustainable brands. As more people become concerned about how their consumerism and personal lifestyles impact the environment and the overall planet, they're looking for clothing makers and labels that produce their garments in ways that use the planet's resources responsibly.

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Demand for sustainable clothing brands is driven by two motivations. First, many consumers are wary of participating in what is known as fast fashion, where garments are produced on a massive scale to keep up with changing trends but often resulting in large piles of disposable clothing winding up loading up landfills. Second, a lot of consumers are worried about the actual resources used in garment production, from source materials to energy used in manufacturing and transportation.

Fortunately, there are sustainable clothing brands available. Knowing who they are means you can be an empowered consumer that shops only clothing lines that match your personal values and beliefs. These brands make it possible to dress well while also honoring the mindful fashion of caring for the world's climate and resources everyone relies on.

1 - Adidas

Adidas is a brand constantly growing in their use of recycled materials and overall sustainable practices. They are aiming to use only recycled polyester starting in 2024 so they can lower how much impact they have on the world's environment. They're also focusing on reducing how much water consumption happens during their production. They're already using renewable power sources for 20 percent of their production, and the company has taken a strong stance in favor of fair labor practices.

2 - Zara

Zara has a range called Join Life that should be of interest to anyone looking for sustainable clothing. The Join Life brand is a collection of products made using raw materials and processes that don't have as much impact on the environment as the rest of the company or general industry. Zara is aiming to have half of all their products fall under this particular product line by 2022. That's not to say that only half the company is sustainable, however. The garment maker also recycles and reuses all of their alarms, hangers, boxes, and tags. They're also intending to produce only sustainable materials and textiles by the year 2025.

3 - Ninety Percent

This particular clothing brand is incredibly sustainable as a company, because they don't make lots of clothing in the first place. They create and then sell their various products in very manageable batch sizes in order to prevent having leftover products at the end of each cycle. When they wind up with leftover materials, they make one-off items that they sell through a waste-not collection so that nothing is ever just casually disposed of. Their clothing production doesn't just focus on preventing waste, however, as they opt for sustainable materials whenever possible. Their choices include organic cotton, tencel, natural linen, and hemp.

4 - Afends

Afends may have gotten on the sustainability wagon before most other brands. Going back to 2014, their packaging has been produced using corn starch. That's something their clients can use 100 percent of for home composting. The brand generally focuses on making lifetime items that are unlikely to ever fall out of style to keep their items in closets and out of landfills. In terms of their manufacturing, they always hand pick very sustainable fibers that minimize their impact on the planet's biosphere. This is one sustainable clothing brand that believes in its principles from start to finish.

5 - Lucy & Yak

This brand was known originally for making dungarees. However, the New Zealand garment brand makes far more things but keeps sustainability in mind in nearly everything that they do. Their newest factory has opened in India but with two notable differences to many other garment factories. First, the facility is powered by solar panels for total sustainability. Second, every employee working there is paid an actual living wage. Lucy & Yak further expands their sustainability efforts to their packing mailers and bags. All of them are made using a 100-percent combination of biodegradable and recycled materials.