The Right Guitar Will Make Better Music

If you are reading this article, you have probably become musically inspired and intend on making your first foray into the world of guitars. If you have ever popped into a music store or pawn shop and gazed upon the back wall of awesomeness that is the guitar section, it probably seemed a bit daunting. Guitars come in so many different shapes, sizes, types, and price points. Is there really that much difference between a $60 and $600 guitar? While the subject of guitars can become very complicated quite quickly, the key points below will take you into the world of guitars nice and easy. The different types of guitars are covered as well as some of the more popular brands along with some tips on making the right choice of guitar for your personal needs.

main of he Right Guitar Will Make Better Music

Types of Guitars

There are two main types of guitar for you to choose from as well as subcategories of each type. Acoustic guitars are hollow bodied and don't have to be plugged in or require any special equipment making them popular choices for singer-songwriters. Electric guitars are solid-bodied and produce their sound by being plugged into a piece of equipment called an amplifier. There are also many other types of guitars to suit your musical tastes.

  1. Acoustic - hollow-bodied and do not require electricity
  2. Steel string - produces a more metallic sound that is bright and twangy
  3. Classical - produces a more mellow resonant sound
  4. Electric - solid bodied and must be plugged into an amplifier
  5. Telecaster - first style of electric guitar developed in the 50s
  6. Stratocaster - has a contoured body and 3 pickups
  7. Electric Spanish - has a more hollow body and humbucker pickups
  8. Electro-acoustic - has pickups that produce an acoustic sound
  9. Twelve-string - has 12 strings instead of 6, because, why not? 
  10. Archtop - has an archtop like a violin. Favorite of Jazz players
  11. Steel - has steel construction and is played across the lap
  12. Resonator - has a plate that conceals a resonator cone
  13. Bass - usually has 4 strings and pitched an octave lower than a regular guitar
  14. Double-neck - has both a 6 and 12 string neck attached to the body

Most Popular Brands

Whether you are looking for an ultra-high-end guitar or just a budget guitar to learn on, there is a brand for you. Each of these top brands has a unique feel and style each of its own.

  • Fender - One of the most iconic brands in the guitar world. They are responsible for the Stratocaster and Telecaster. They are made right here in the USA
  • Gibson - Gibson has legendary craftsmanship. They are the maker of the Les Paul guitar. They are also made in the USA. 
  • Epiphone - Owned by Gibson, this brand produces many of the same guitars as Gibson. However, they offer Gibson quality without the price. 
  • Yamaha - Produces the best acoustic guitars for beginners. They produce many other instruments as well. 
  • Ibanez - This is a favorite of hard rock players. They specialize in 7 string guitars. They are the makers of the iconic RG guitar

Tips for Making Your Choice

So, next time you visit that wall of awesomeness filled with guitars in the back of the music store, you don't have to feel so intimidated now that you know a bit more about guitars. But, just in case, here are a few more tips to help you choose the right guitar.

First, go with your inspiration. Why did you decide you wanted to pick up a guitar in the first place? Figure out what guitar player you idolize and find out what kind of guitar they use.

Another tip for when you are selecting a guitar, especially an acoustic one, is to pay close attention to what material it is made of. This can drastically affect the sound. Denser materials tend to make the guitar able to hold onto a note for longer. Finally, if you do not know, just ask. That is what the staff at the music shop are there for, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.