The Social Aspect to Group Fitness Activities Make Them More Enjoyable

Most people understand that physical activity improves one’s health, as well as their mood. This is due to exercise reducing the level of cortisol and adrenaline within the body. At the same time, exercise increases the endorphins that result in happiness. Combining the two together leaves one in excellent physical and emotional health. When exercise is enjoyed in a group setting, the results are even better. Whether one participates in group fitness classes at the gym or joins in a group sport, the benefits are hard to pass up. This has made group activities a big trend. Many areas now have boutique gyms that focus solely on one type of exercise done in a group. Often it will be a cycling or rowing gym that relies on loud music and energetic instructors to keep everybody moving, but even the local gyms are discovering the benefits of group activities.

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Group Fitness at Gyms

Group fitness refers to all forms of exercise done in a group with a personal trainer or group instructor taking the lead. This type of physical activity is popular because many people need help when it comes to form and overall results. This is especially true when they are just starting out. Group fitness gives people the help of a personal trainer without the high cost often associated with hiring one. The group trainer won't be able to focus solely on one individual, but they are available to everyone in the group for questions and assistance. One can actually learn more this way by watching the instructor help others.

Group fitness classes are very motivational, and with the teacher giving step-by-step instructions, there is less work involved. One still achieves an effective workout in this way. Some smaller gyms take motivation even further by charging a fee for missed sessions. There is also an atmosphere of friendly competition in this type of setting that goes along with the camaraderie.

Group Sports for Fitness

Playing group sports allows one to get in some exercise in a fun and competitive atmosphere. Playing games of any kind will lift one’s mood and reduce stress, but these games also give all the players a sense of pride. Soccer is a wonderful game that can be played at any skill level. Whether it is a backyard game or played on a local team, it teaches people to work together towards a common goal. Baseball is similar, but it encourages respect while teaching everyone to take turns.

Volleyball is one of the most enjoyable group sports to play. It is ideal to play on the beach, in the gym, or at the neighborhood park. It is a wonderful way to get together with friends and enjoy some physical fitness. Just like volleyball, basketball gives all of the players a sense of belonging. Basketball is one of the most social games one can play. It allows everyone to work together while recognizing each individual’s unique skills.

Finding Fitness Groups

Due to the rising popularity of group fitness, finding a fitness class or sport to join is easy. If one is already a member of a local gym, they should ask about group fitness programs. Most gyms will have a list of all available classes. If one does not currently belong to a gym, they can begin by asking around at all of the area fitness centers, calling, or checking online for available groups. It is a good idea to take advantage of any free trials. This helps one narrow down their options and find something they enjoy before committing to the group.

When it comes to finding local sports teams that are looking for additional players, ask friends and family as well as look on local social media pages. Many towns have a recreational center that has their own teams or sponsors teams that need more people. Once someone begins to look around, they often discover that there are many groups with openings available.