There's Many Book Subscriptions To Assist A Love of Reading

main of Book Subscriptions to Consider

With the changing world, many of us find ourselves at home with much more time on our hands, and what better way to pass time than with a book? Though maybe trying to find the perfect book is just too hard or maybe you want to expand your horizons.

This is where book boxes come in. With these subscriptions, there will always be a new surprise arriving at your doorstep. There are many types of subscription boxes out there based around books, but what box/subscription is the best one for you? Some boxes focus on one genre while others focus on what is popular. There is so much to consider when looking for that perfect box. If you are looking for a box that just sends you one book on a monthly basis, your options will change from those looking for a more personal touch with their subscriptions. Whether you're looking for something simple or extravagant, one of these options Might pique your interest.

1 - Book Riot's Tailored Book Recommendations (TBR)

The first option is for those looking for a simple plan but also one that is personalized for you. Book Riot offers two options for this subscription, physical books or a catered list. For this subscription you will answer questions given to you Book Riot, and depending on your plan, either send you a list of books catered to your interests or mail three hardcover books to you through the same process. Prices are $16 quarterly for a list or $85 quarterly for the hardcover books.

2 - My Coffee and Book Club

Fancy a cup of coffee while reading your book? The Coffee and Book club will send you two books and a bag of coffee each month. When signing up you will choose your favorite genre and whether you want whole bean or ground coffee. Plans include $38.99 monthly, 3 months $108 prepaid, 6 month $204 prepaid, and 12 month $384 prepaid. Each box is valued at $40-$50 per box. You can change your genre whenever you'd like if you prefer a variety of books in your box.

3 - The Bookish Box

For those of you who like memorabilia, the Bookish Box has you covered. Boxes offered include a shirt, book and goodies, book and goodies, or just a shirt and goodies. These subscriptions range from $31 to $58 monthly. One thing to keep in mind is that these goodies are home, fashion, or beauty based. You will receive 3-5 of these a month and there is no genre selection as well. Please keep that in mind when deciding if this box is right for you.

4 - My Thrill Club

For those who want a simple box without the extras or novel add-ins, My Thrill Club will send you two hardcover books and an ebook for $18.99 a month. There are also 3, 6, and 12 options. You are given the options of Horror, Mystery, or Thriller when signing up. The $18 price tag is perfect for those who are looking for a deal, as two hardcover books and an ebook at MSRP can cost upwards of $45.

5 - Book of the Month

For the last subscription on this list, the Book of the Month club is another simple option that delivers one book a month. What makes BOTM different is they offer you five books every month and you choose one book to be delivered. You are also given the option to skip a month if none of that month's offerings interest you.