Using Mirrors In Your Decor Can Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home

While mirrors have been around since the early 1800s, their purposes have continued to develop over the years. Still used for vanity, these unique items have become a staple in seeing into areas behind the user and adding the perception of excess space to small places. Home decor experts around the globe love utilizing mirrors in all types of design scenarios to enhance the appearance of specific rooms.

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Mirrors are uniquely available in all sorts of sizes. They can be as small as a foot-by-foot in size or as large as an eight-by-nine section of wall. They can be adhered to any room by hanging or simply resting against the wall. Mirrors also come with many different framing and frameless designs to provide a unique feel for the user.

Using Mirrors To Make a Home Appear Spacious

Mirrors can easily be used in a number of ways to help any room in a space appear to be bigger than it actually is. A great trick that every homeowner should know is mimicking a window with a mirror. In some tight spaces and basement renovations, there may not be any windows present. A mirror that is framed in such a way to mimic a window frame can give the illusion of a window to any room.

The height of a mirror plays a large role in its effect on the user's eye. To make small rooms appear taller and more open, the use of a tall mirror is key. The trick is to ensure that the mirror's height is much larger than its width. This will automatically draw the eye in an upward direction, making the room appear more spacious than before. Throwing a tall, slender mirror into an alcove space can also allow the area to appear as if it's an open doorway leading to another room.

Well-placed mirrors can give the added bonus of illuminating rooms even further. This massive amount of illumination allows the space to appear much larger than it actually is. This is because the areas that typically would be shaded due to lack of light are suddenly brightened up. These are just some of the many ways that mirrors can be utilized in a number of small spaces to make them appear much bigger than they actually are.

Other Mirrors Uses in Home Decor

Apart from adding extra space to any room in a home, mirrors can be used in a number of other ways to enhance the look and feel of any room. One of the best ways to use a mirror in a home's design is to place it as an accent. When dealing with darker colored walls, such as black or brown, a strategically placed mirror can provide a nice accent piece that spices up the boring look of the dark wall.

We can't talk about mirrors without talking about their main use in a home. They're there to allow users to see their reflections. Installing mirrors into existing doorways is a great way to save space and still serve the purpose of showcasing a person's reflection, especially in the bathroom.

Mirrored furniture is another popular decor trend for homeowners. While many traditionally think about a mirrored coffee table surface, there are other types of mirrored furniture. These include cabinets, sinks, and even desks. These mirrored items provide a uniquely sleek look that can brighten up any room in seconds.