When You Adopt a Dog, You're Increasing Your Family

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Adopting a dog allows them to have a safe, loving environment where they can thrive and have the best quality of life possible.

Adoption from a professional adoption facility ensures all information available about the dog is provided to the new adoption family so they can make an informed decision to determine if the dog will be a good fit for the family or not. Many families adopt a dog without taking the time to make sure they understand all of the essential elements of dog adoptions. Knowing what to expect when adopting a dog ensures someone is properly prepared and can provide the dog with the best life possible, while they make your life better at the same time. The following guide provides insight on crucial information needed to ensure a smooth adoption when adopting a dog to add to someone’s family.

Prepping Before Adoption

Before adopting a dog, it’s important for a family to properly prepare. Discuss what things the family desires in a dog. Some people want a dog for protection, while others are simply looking for a family friend. A Papillion will not provide the same protection that a German Shepherd can provide. Be sure to determine the amount of space that is available for the dog. Some dogs require a lot of room to live comfortably within a house. Dogs have a lot of energy they need to burn throughout the day. A fence may need to be installed around the yard to allow the dog to run and play or an exercise routine needs to be established so the dog can be taken on walks regularly by the family. Designating responsibilities before the dog comes into the home ensures everyone takes accountability for the dog and can help to build strong bonds with all members of the family. Talking with children about what to expect when the dog arrives can make the transition easier as well.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process can vary between facilities. There is often ample paperwork that must be filled out before a family can adopt a dog. Some facilities require in-home visits to take place before an adoption can take place to ensure adequate care can be provided to the dog when they arrive and that there are safe living arrangements available to them. References may be required so the facility can verify the family has the time, patience, and financial ability to care for the dog. The job of any adoption agency is to make sure adoptions are for the long term. They do not want dogs to bounce from home to home due to circumstances that could have been easily avoided. Many adoptions take time and it’s important for families to be patient during the process.

Tips for the First Few Days Post Adoption

When the dog first arrives at the house it can be overwhelming for them. Everything is so new. The dog needs to get used to their new environment. They will be curious about their surroundings and will want to explore. It’s important to set boundaries at the start so the dog knows what the expectations are. If someone plans to have the dog sleep in their own bed, allowing them to sleep in their new owner’s bed at first can be confusing for them in the future. Try to keep children as calm as possible when the dog first arrives. If the dog feels fearful or overwhelmed, it may make the transition more difficult for them and for the family. After a few days, the dog will start to adjust and should quickly become a part of the family. Adopting a dog takes time, but it is well worth it in the end. The love a dog brings to a family can be priceless.